Flying Goat Cellars’ Wine and Tasting Room

Entertainment professional Matt Luber is a partner and manager at Luber Roklin Entertainment. In his spare time, Matt Luber is a wine connoisseur and a member of a variety of wine clubs, such as Tantara and Flying Goat Cellars. Flying Goat Cellars is located in California along the central coast. The winery benefits from having … Continue reading

Eliminating Elephant Poaching in Africa

Matt Luber, manager of entertainment company Luber Roklin Entertainment, is dedicated to preserving wildlife in Africa. To fulfill his goal of saving African rhinos and elephants, Matt Luber joined the African Wildlife Foundation and has contributed to its efforts to end animal poaching. In 2013, more than 20,000 elephants were poached for ivory. While still … Continue reading

Vanishing Giants

An experienced entertainment industry professional, Matt Luber has served as a talent manager and top executive with Luber Roklin Entertainment (formerly Nine Yards Entertainment) since 2001. Outside of the professional environment, Matt Luber actively defends the South African Rhino through his close associations with the African Wildlife Foundation and Outraged South African Citizens Against Poaching. … Continue reading