Matt Luber | About

Matt Luber, the president of Luber Roklin Entertainment, balances his time in Hollywood between producing films and representing actors, writers, and directors. As a filmmaker, he most recently served as the executive producer of PAWN SHOP CHRONICLES, a 2013 action-comedy that stars Matt Dillon, Brendan Fraser, Paul Walker, and Elijah Wood. Matt also produced EVAN ALMIGHTY and BRIDE WARS. As a manager, Matt Luber’s clients include Paul Walker, Stephen Moyer, Sean Astin, Shane West, Kelly Rutherford and Naturi Naughton.

Luber earned a bachelor’s degree in media arts from the University of Arizona in 1993. An active alumnus, he recently visited the school to speak to students about his work as a producer and manager.

Aside from his role at Luber Roklin Entertainment, Matt Luber is passionate about protecting the rhinoceros in Africa. He founded Vanishing Giants, a conservation group that aims to protect the species, after visiting a film set in Johannesburg and learning that rhinos are nearly extinct due to extensive poaching. In 2012, he ran in the Los Angeles Marathon in order to raise money for the cause.


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