Vanishing Giants

An experienced entertainment industry professional, Matt Luber has served as a talent manager and top executive with Luber Roklin Entertainment (formerly Nine Yards Entertainment) since 2001. Outside of the professional environment, Matt Luber actively defends the South African Rhino through his close associations with the African Wildlife Foundation and Outraged South African Citizens Against Poaching. He founded the South African Rhino website Vanishing Giants.

In addition to detailing Mr. Luber’s personal connections to the South African Rhino cause, Vanishing Giants is dedicated to educating the public and accepts monetary donations via PayPal and credit card. The mission of the website centers on promoting cultural awareness and creating “an atmosphere of shame around this issue” that will ultimately re-frame the spoils of poaching as “an embarrassment rather than a luxury.”

Vanishing Giants features current links to news stories about rhino poaching, as well as links to articles that expose auction houses that are associated with illegal trafficking and online sources that debunk myths about the wildlife preservation movement. Further, the website combats rhino slaughter through its support of the No Bail for Rhino Poachers global petition.


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